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Our real estate agents are passionate about pointing people in the right direction. While we desire to see the right people and families move into affordable rental homes in both cities we operate in, our dream and singular focus is to turn tenants into happy homeowners within 2-3years of working with them.

We begin this journey to homeownership by matching the residential needs of well qualified tenants with those of new and seasoned investors who purchase real estate as an investment tool for wealth creation and an impressive legacy for generations to come. We realize most investor-owners need the monthly rental income to service mortgage debt, hence we tend to be mindful and meticulous enough to select the best matched tenants for each property based on credit and income.

We’ve helped hundreds of families settle down into the Atlanta & Charlotte metropolitan areas. As they navigate these two big and new cities, we balanced their housing selections with a consideration for comfort, safety, school for kids and proximity to work

If you are looking to rent, we would love to work with you to locate your new home. If you are an investor, we would love to place one of our pre-screened and prequalified tenants in your property. Please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within 24hrs. If you are a homeowner or investor please click here to fill out the investor contact form.

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