Damola A. Adelakun

Founder & CEO
- Luvanex Group of Companies

Meet Our CEO

Damola is the founder of Luvanex Group of Companies with eleven(11) year experience managing over $25million of Real Estate Assets for international investors in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the visionary behind Luvanex Builds Nigeria, a subsidiary of the U.S Parent Company, Luvanex Group as well as The Luvanex Foundation.

Damola is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, a licensed Real Estate Broker, an accomplished Serial Entrepreneur, a devout Christian, Husband & Father, and an avid World Traveler. He is highly skilled in the art of negotiations, project management, business strategy development and execution.

He is a true visionary with a deeply rooted love for solving the most critical problems Africa faces. He has pioneered and engineered the growth of several real estate related businesses in the international scene of various countries inclusive of the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai, China and Nigeria.

Damola holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University with a concentration in International Business. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the previously named Southern Poly State University now officially known as Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who We Are

Luvanex Group was created on February 7th, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Rental Arm was the first established subsidiary of Luvanex Realty Group. It is currently the largest operation we run within our group of companies managing over $25Million in combined real estate asset value. Our Parent Company - Luvanex Group, is a consortium of companies delivering ancillary services as it pertains our core business operations centered around leasing, buying or selling real estate. This is what has grown into what we now call ‘A One Stop Shop For Real Estate Investors.’

We have been gifted with a passion and an opportunity to serve two unique niche markets – Mid to High Income Tenants alongside International Real Estate Investors. Serving both markets simultaneously simply meant identifying the best tenants for these foreign investors and striking a balance to make both parties very happy with the terms of their agreement. It was an instant win for all parties involved! As we delivered on our profession with passion, our international background also began to aid our growth and expansion into new territories; birthing our establishment in the State of North Carolina. We soon realized the international investment community was underserved and overlooked in both Atlanta & Charlotte with the latter being an emerging market within the southeastern region of the United States.

Our first few clients between 2008 and 2009, were investors from Trinidad & Tobago. Soon we got some interest from Indian clients, and then an avalanche of African and European Investors. Being investors ourselves, we understand and alleviate the plight and worries of newbie real estate investors by placing the perfect tenants. We also assign customer service managers dedicated towards residents as well as managers who work exclusively for investor-owners. We find balance and common ground to ensure both residents and landlords meet desired goals and outcomes. Through the years, we have been recommended for alleviating search-burdens to new city-settlers, in what is an ever-changing and ever growing industry. Locating a suitable rental home for a growing family is the most important choice a new resident will ever make; so we’ve done just that – by prioritizing their search for housing to give true guidance and real direction.

As a fully licensed real estate firm in both Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina we maintain the standards of our licensure by ensuring Fair Housing Rules are met. Luvanex Rentals & Apartment Locators does not discriminate in the sale or rental of a property on the basis of Color, Disability, Familial Status, Gender, Race, Religion, National Origin.

Our team