Why Luvanex?

As Real Estate Investors ourselves, we make our Landlord-Clients one promise:
We'll never place a tenant we cannot place in our Personal Investment Homes, in yours!


With over 10years experience managing millions of dollars in real estate investments for foreign and local investors, Luvanex is the affordable provider of low cost leasing and management services in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you are looking for professional property management at an affordable price, look no further! Luvanex manages single family homes, high rise condos, multi-family units and small apartments for as little as $85 per unit per month.

How are we able to price our services so competitively?

It’s simple, we love what we do! Our passion drives our mission, so we are able to offer our services at an affordable rate. Property Management Services should be as affordable as paying a minor utility bill… not a heavy burden that eats into your profits. We know the pain most out of state landlords and first time investors go through just to keep their head above water. We are here to help. Give us a try and if you don’t like our services after 2 months, you have our blessing to call the big expensive guys!

Leasing Services

*Assessing Market Rent Amount
*Rental Marketing on Over 50 websites
*Rental Showings to Prospects
*Screening Potential Tenants
*Procuring Leases
*Move In Inspections

Full Management Services

*Collecting Rents
*Late Notification Letters
*Assessing & Collecting Late Fees
* Managing Tough Tenants
*Eviction Services Click here
*Processing Maintenance Requests From Tenants
*Quaterly & Annual Inspections
*Rent Increase Evaluation
*Monthly & Year End Financial Reporting