Roswell Property Management.. At An Affordable Rate!

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Why choose us to manage your Property in Roswell?

At Luvanex, we believe our service offering speaks for itself. Our fees are the most competitive in the industry, yet we are able to make our clients 6 guarantees that keep them referring their family and friends. This is because we hold ourselves accountable to very high standards to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Our Guarantees:

Peace of Mind: The first guarantee we make all our investor clients, is peace of mind. No matter where you live, outside the U.S, another state or city, you can be rest assured we are making the best decisions on your behalf. We make all our clients one promise; we’ll never place a tenant we cannot place in our personal investment property into yours.

Return Calls & Email Guarantee: The greatest complaint we hear from new landlords is that they cannot get their property manager to call them back. At Luvanex, you never have to worry about that! All calls and emails are returned within 24hours. We hold ourselves accountable to this standard by giving you a discount on your next month’s management fees if we fail to return your calls and emails

Leasing Guarantee: When you list your property with us, Luvanex guarantees it will be rented within 45days or we waive the first 2months of management fees. Yes, 45 days no matter what part of town your property is in Guaranteed Rent Disbursement Dates: Once the tenant we place in your investment property pays their rent, Luvanex guarantees the rent will be disbursed to your account on the 8th of each month or earlier.

Vacancy Management & Turnover Guarantee: Provided funds are made available by the landlord, Luvanex Guarantees that your vacant home will be renovated and put back on the market within 2weeks from when a tenant moves out

Guaranteed Lease Terms: We guarantee all our leases for 6months. This means if a tenant Luvanex placed in your property moves out within 6months, we’ll place a new tenant for free. Our Expertise is Your Competitive Advantage. Sign Up with Luvanex today and experience the advantage intelligent investors use to win daily, in the real estate game!

When you give us the exclusive rights to market your property, we assign a dedicated property manager to your property. Each of our managers are highly trained and well experienced in screening and selecting tenants that meet and exceed your goals.

For Our Low On-Boarding Fee ($99), our marketing services covers:
  • The cost to come out to your home and take internal and external pictures of the property
  • A rental price proposal and breakdown so you select what strategic pricing option works best for you
  • Advertising your rental property on over 25 websites to give it maximum exposure
  • Scheduling and show prospective renters the property
  • Tenant Screening Process: conducting an extensive background check, credit check, rental history and employment verification
  • Drafting and Executing a fixed term lease agreement
Once the tenant moves in, we then begin management services which include but are not limited to:
  • Rent Notifications & Demand Letters for Late Rent Notifications
  • Rent Disbursements to Owner Accounts
  • Overseeing maintenance requests
  • Vendor managements
  • HOA violation notification and correction
  • Lease Renewal Services
  • Rent Increase Evaluations
Luvanex also offers Landlords the options of specific add-on services:
  • Eviction Filing & Representation when needed: visit for more details
  • Home Renovation Services: for out of state landlords who need us to oversee the renovation of an investment property when a tenant moves out. Visit us at
  • Corporate Housing or Airbnb Management: for investors who prefer to run short term rental businesses please sign up at
  • Real Estate Sales & Acquisition: the loyalty and service of our licensed Realtors in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia

If you are ready to sign up for our services, please click on the Landlord tab to fill out the form and pay your $99 on-boarding fee. Perhaps you have some questions not answered here and you’d prefer to speak to a company representative first, please fill out the form and a manager will contact you shortly.